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Key Features


  • Spread the cost of acquiring an asset over typically 2 to 5 years by paying only an initial deposit, which can usually be as low as one, two or three monthly repayments. 

  • All of your repayments remain fixed throughout the finance term.

  • VAT is charged on each repayment and not all up front at the start as with a Hire Purchase agreement. 

  • Repayments can be monthly, quarterly, annual or seasonal based upon the specific requirements of the customer.

  • Ownership of the asset rests with the finance company.

  • At the end of the agreement, most Finance Companies allow title to be passed to the customer (via the original broker) for a nominal payment.

  • If a customer terminates a lease early then all of the future repayments are normally payable with the possibility of a discount factor being applied by the lessor. 

Key Benefits


  • Low deposits preserve valuable cash resources.

  • No requirement for all the VAT upfront as it is spread over all of the repayments; cashflow is preserved for both VAT and non-VAT registered businesses.

  • All of the costs of the finance are known at the outset to assist with budgeting and cashflow.



All figures are based on information provided by Creditsafe on the date of Your proposal and subject to revision should there be any change in prevailing interest rates, existing monetary conditions and/or funder underwriting requirements. This is especially relevant during the Covid-19 outbreak where credit guidelines are changing on an almost daily basis. On that basis, additional financial information may be required for credit assessment. All payments are to be made by Direct Debit unless specificaly detailed otherwise. Please bear in mind that this is an indication of terms provided for discussion purposes only. It shall have no contractual effect and is not binding upon You or Us. 

Hensley Stephens Limited is an Appointed Representative of AFS Compliance Ltd who are an independent asset finance brokerage, not a lender, and as such we can introduce You to a wide range of finance providers depending on Your requirements and circumstances. We are not independent finance advisors and so are unable to provide You with independent financial advice. Hensley Stephens Limited will receive payment(s) or other benefit from the finance provider if You decide to enter into an agreement with them.


Please note we make no charge to you for these services and do not provide any kind of advice to you as to the suitability of any one product. If You wish to receive personal advice you must seek this independently. We will provide You with available options and identity of lenders that reflect the requirements You present to us, from which You can more easily make Your own choice, if You so wish. 

The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and others authorised to receive it. If You are not the intended recipient, You are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking of any action on reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. 


Hensley Stephens Limited is an Appointed Representative of AFS Compliance Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) firm number 625035 and is authorised to carry out credit broking. The Financial Conduct Authority is the independent regulator of financial services and specifies the rules under which such services are delivered including but not limited to the CONC Regulations.


You can check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the Financial Conduct Authority website at – we are listed under AFS Compliance Limited as a consumer credit firm. We are a Broker not a lender and our role is to affect introductions between parties wishing to borrow and parties wishing to lend.
Our Services

Please note We rely on the information and disclosure you provide to us, to identify possible lenders that may provide the funding you are looking for. It is important that You provide us with accurate and relevant information as failure to provide accurate information could lead to us introducing you to a lender who’s products are not potentially suitable for your circumstances. 


If You do not provide us with correct information or information is not disclosed and later comes to light, this could also result in the lender refusing to fund or re-terming any offer they may make. We cannot guarantee that funding will be available as this is the lenders decision and they will provide relevant details of their lending terms in any offer made. Once You have decided which option You wish us to pursue, at Your request We will propose Your funding requirement to Your chosen lender. 


Upon acceptance by the lender in principle, We will provide You with information about the finance product from the lender, so you are provided with detail of Your responsibilities and commitments, before proceeding. 

We provide the following key finance products:
Asset Finance Products

• When commercial organisations, whether sole trader, large corporation or public sector, wish to invest in tangible assets, they usually need an affordable, secure means of finance. Asset Finance is the third most common source of finance for businesses, after bank overdrafts and loans.
• The two main forms of Asset Finance are Hire Purchase and Finance Lease.

Hire Purchase (HP) 

• Hire Purchase is a well-established method of financing for companies that wish eventually to take ownership of business assets.

• The finance company buys the asset on behalf of the customer, who then pays an initial deposit. The remaining balance, plus interest, is then paid over an agreed period. During this period, ownership rests with the finance company, who is effectively hiring use of the asset to the customer.
• Once the final payment is made, ownership transfers to the customer. 

Finance Lease

• Under a commercial agreement, the leasing company (known as the lessor) buys and owns the asset. 
• The customer (or lessee) then hires use of the asset, paying rental over a fixed period – often considered to be the full economic life of the asset. At the end of the contract, the customer usually has a choice of extending the lease, buying the asset or simply returning it.

• As You are not the owner of the asset, You cannot sell the asset during the rental period.
• The finance company can claim the writing-down allowances and pass this benefit to You in reduced rentals.

If You require further information on any of the above products, please do not hesitate to contact us at Please also consider that You may prefer to use cash for Your purchase.

Customer Satisfaction 

Our aim is to provide You with a professional and confidential service that delivers the highest possible standards. However, there may be occasions where You feel this has not been achieved and should You wish to make a complaint about any aspect of the service we provide to You, You can do this by writing to The Complaints Manager, AFS Compliance Ltd, Suite 4 , First Floor, Challenge House, Challenge Way, Greenbank Business Park, Blackburn, Lancashire BB1 5QB or by telephoning us on 01254 958777 where we will try to resolve Your concern at the earliest time possible.


The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)


You may also be entitled to compensation from the Scheme if We are unable to meet our obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. Further information about compensation scheme arrangements is available from the FSCS:

Our Charges

We will not charge You a fee for our service. We are paid by the lender if any product they offer is taken out by You. We operate under discretionary and non-discretionary pricing models. We will inform You where we are not being paid under a discretionary model.

Where the pricing model is discretionary it may influence the total amount You pay under an agreement. In both cases the payment/s we receive from the chosen lender will be in the form of a commission, fees or other forms of remuneration, in most cases this will be a percentage of the amount You borrow when You take up a facility they have offered to You. 


If Your pricing is non-discretionary, We will inform You via a suitability report of any variance in the payment we receive between different products, providers or terms. This is to ensure any decision made by You to apply for credit is in the full knowledge of any variance in benefit we may receive. You are entitled to confirmation of the payment we receive on request by contacting

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